Resound LiNK

Introducing Resound LiNX

We are excited to offer our clients a variety of the latest in hearing aid technology. Of all of the hearing aids on the market today, none rise above the ReSound LiNX. The sound quality of the LiNX is only the beginning. Imagine a hearing aid that is not only tailored to fit your exact hearing loss, but is also able to sync with your IPhone and IPad, putting quality sound in your ears and control over how you hear directly in your hands.

With your IPhone or other connected decive, you can adjust your hearing aids to give you just the sound you want in any imaginable environment. In the park, at a resturaunt or at a concert; you control your hearing aids to optimize for the sound you are in. If you frequent the same places regularly, you can even ask your hearing aids to remember your settings in a given place and they will automatically adjust to those settings every time you are there.

Misplaced hearing aids are a thing of the past! Using your connected IPhone, IPad or IPad Touch, finding your hearing aid is a snap. Ask our providers about the LiNX today and enjoy sound quality, control and fit beyond your imagination.