Our Philosophy

Happy couple sitting in adirondack chairs “Is this the best we can do?” – We strive to keep this question at the heart of our efforts as we continually improve our practices and re-define our purpose in our communities. Serving as a community resource for hearing health and hearing loss support is very important to our team and making it easy for people to connect to the information and technology they need to break free from the isolation of hearing loss is the mission statement that keeps us fired up.

From taking that first (big!) step and getting a hearing test, all the way through to the final follow-up appointment after hearing aids have been fit, our commitment to listening to our patients and being open to their feedback has been our guide in streamlining our practices. Maintaining good working relationships with area physicians and helping our patients to empower themselves with knowledge, enables us to feel confident that people who come to The Hearing Aid Shop for help with hearing loss will make fully informed, fully supported decisions about their health and technology.

We live and raise our families in the communities we serve and feel very lucky to know the lives and passions of the people who come into our Shops. Our patients come from all walks of life and they enjoy many different hobbies and careers. But one thing is always the same: The joy on the face of a person who has felt isolated and disconnected because of their hearing loss who is once again feeling confident and connected because they can hear what is going on around them.

“Why hearing aids?” We are sometimes asked, when we tell people what we do. The answer is simple: Because life sounds amazing. When you think of it that way, hearing health care is not a hard calling to follow.